We offer to sell your material on, so called, e-Auctions.

We hold auctions on a regular basis, where hundreds of thousands of items go under the hammer and due to our reputation, which we gained over the years, the interest is always high.

If you do not need cash urgently we recommend auctioning, because the collectors can directly buy and compete over the item, therefore a higher return can be reached.

Selling is in Euros, if paying out is in forint then we always follow the current rate of MNB.

Commission after the hammer prise as follows:


- under 5.000 €: 20%
- between 5.000 € and 20.000 €: 15%
- between 20.000 € and 40.000 €: 12%
- over 40.000 €:        10%


In case you wish to submit valuables or large collections we can offer commission free service, if we can come to a privet agreement with you. For serious negotiators we offer separate commission. We valuate collections too.

In our experience we can proudly say that on our auctions, we achieve the highest possible price for each lot, so even after paying the commission out, the seller will have more in return. These prices are usually higher than, what we, or any other company like us would offer. Thanks to the e-auctions the collectors can buy the coins directly from the seller, ruling out any retailers / middle man. Many people think e-auctions are easy to manage without representation, but our experience, satisfied clients and statistics show that privet sellers are achieving far less compering to auctions organised by well-established numismatic companies like us.

There are two reasons behind this: firstly, people / collectors trust us more than privet sellers and secondly, we represent hundreds of items against one or two items represented by privet sellers.

The lots will be listed to well know and liked catalogues of international numismatic websites (,, where more than a month before the auction thousands of buyers can view it or place bids in advance from all over the world. By the start of the auction hundreds of potential buyers will be waiting to place bids via the market leading Redpoint Livebid.

To help make the buying process easier, presale bids can be placed in advance of the sale.

We can assertively say that lots listed by us, will fetch the best possible price, as a result commission will be worth paying.

As all our auctions are available to view online, it means buyers are not limited by their geographical location – ensuring your possessions are seen by the largest number of potential buyers on a local, national and international stage.

More info:

If there is anything else you unsure of or you would like more information please get in touch, we are happy to answer any questions.

For personal consultation please visit our office!

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