Delivery is only possible after advance transfer, we do not post cash on delivery.

To Hungary:

To Foxpost package automat with 300,000 HUF Insurance:

Uniformly: 699 HUF
Above 100.000 HUF: free
Foxpost with courier door to door with 300,000 HUF Security:
Uniformly: 1050 HUF
Above 100.000 HUF: free
If the package automat chooses to deliver, please submit your chosen automated address after the order, which you can choose here:

To foreign address:

Under 200 Euros: 10 Euros

Between 200 and 500 Euro: 20 Euro

Between 500 and 1000 Euro: 50 Euros

Above 1000 Euros: free of charge

Packages of less than 200 Euros are send as a registry, priority letter, between 200 Euros and 500 Euros with a insurance of € 200, for over 500 Euros with a insurance of € 500. If you would like a higher value insurance, please let us know in advance. Our company accepts no liability for lost, lost packages and postal and courier services until the value of the insurance. (There has not been such an example so far.)